Tinker Bell and Disneyland — 26Oct2008

Because we’re Annual Pass Holders, we were offered a chance to see a preview of the new Tinker Bell direct-to-DVD, all computer-graphics, movie, in the Mister Lincoln theater on Main Street. It was kinda cool — we got Tinker Bell stickers, pins, and collectible tickets.

The movie was actually pretty good. Turns out that fairies all have their sorting-hat style chosen role to play: water fairy, flower fairy, ice fairy, etc., and Bell, to her initial dismay, is chosen to be a “tinker”, a maker/fixer of things. It’s not as glamorous as her friends’ jobs, but, of course, her talent saves the day (and the fairy-initiated coming of Spring) in the end, and she (and we) learns to accept that her talent makes her who she is.

It’s weird to me that when J. M. Barrie wrote “Peter Pan”, he clearly intended “Tinker” to invoke “tinkle”, not “repairman”, but these guys have (deliberately, no doubt) misinterpreted that notion, and run with this alternate explanation. But, being a “tinker” myself, I’m OK with it.

After the movie they brought out the director and the screenwriter, who told us some stories about finding the voice talent for Bell and her friends — you’ll recall that Bell has never “spoken” before — and how fun it was to make, etc. And they also told us that this was just the first of four planned movies, one a year, and one for each season.

Then they brought out one of the Disneyland Attraction Planners, who told us that they’d been rebuilding the area between Tomorrowland and the Matterhorn, where Ariel used to sign autographs. Now it’s Pixie Hollow, where you “shrink down” as you walk up the walkway, and get to meet Tinker Bell and two of her new friends. It wasn’t officially open yet, but they were having sneak peeks, so we went right over from the movie. It took a while to get in, ‘cuz everybody else did, too, but we felt like we ought to get the whole experience while we were there.

Obviously, it would have been more fun for the girls five or eight years ago, but it was still pretty cool.


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