LA Science Center — 11Aug2008

We couldn’t take a long vacation this year ‘cuz we have the new puppy who Daleen won’t leave with anyone else during the formative stages, so we were supposed to take some day trips. Those didn’t hardly materialize, but I took the day off and went to the LA Science Center with the kids (Daleen wasn’t interested, saying she’d seen it.)

Turns out, she was right. I don’t know how long it’s been, but it was all *very* familiar to me. The kids must have been pretty young, though, ‘cuz they didn’t remember any of it.

We walked around all the usual exhibits, but I’d gotten a time-specific ticket for Geneva to see the plastic-ized skinless people. Acacia and I opted out — we didn’t feel the need to see the insides of people. For one thing, it’s kind of expensive — for another, I’m not sure it works both ways — they probably wouldn’t pay *me* 18 bucks to see the insides of *my* stomach. Acacia and I went over to the space museum and looked at the satellites and space capsules instead.

After that, we saw a really cool 3D IMAX movie about prehistoric “sea monsters”. It was pretty amazingly realistic, and big fun. We had a little more time after that, so we sped through the Natural History museum. They’ve refurbed the stuffed animal dioramas by cleaning them up, and repainting the backdrops, and they’re *really* good. They’re incredibly realistic, and the transition from the real dirt, rocks, and plants to the painting is almost completely invisible. It’s pretty amazing.

Anyway, a pretty fun Dad-n-Daughter day.


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