Drama Reunion Party — 09Aug2008

(Who’s that way-too-skinny kid in the back?!?)

OK, I was never actually in Drama at high school, but they’d do a musical every Spring, and they needed singers, especially *boy* singers, so they’d raid the music department to get some. My senior year, I was in the Concert Choir and the “song and dance” 12-kid group, The Mariners, so I got shanghaied into “Mame”. I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I let them talk me into it.

It turned out to be great fun. I never actually saw the play itself, so I have very little idea what it’s even about, but we had fun learning the songs and dances for the “production numbers”, and I met a lot more girls, and that’s what counted, back then.

So, every 5 years or so they throw a Reunion of all the kids that were in Mr. Meyer’s (now called “Bob”) Drama productions. He taught there from ’65 to ’74, and all the kids loved him (I didn’t actually get to know him at all, but whatever). It works out really well since Drama productions tend to be mixed-grade so you got to know people older and younger than you were — and of course, by now, the few years’ differences are invisible anyway. And the Drama Reunions also kinda serve as Mariner Reunions, since most of us were in the musical, at least.

At every Reunion, they have a long slideshow, using the old round slide tray projector, and everybody sits around and makes cracks at their friends’ previous selves. This time, since the slides are starting to dissolve, a guy volunteered to scan all the slides, pictures, programs, yearbooks, and anything else he could dig up, including some previously unseen black and white stuff taken for the school paper and yearbook, and made an incredible “Ken Burns” style slideshow, complete with music. I had access to a projector, sound system, and screen, so I volunteered to be the tech boy. Again.

Anyway, the slideshow was really well done, and everybody loved it. Funny part was, we had to wait until around 9 to start the show so it would be dark enough, so it was over a little after 10, and (most) everybody got up; said “That was terrific”; and went home. Buncha old fogies. So much for that “wild drama party” reputation…

I had a great time seeing a bunch of old friends — though several that I wished were there didn’t make it. Laura, Dawn, Craig, Todd/Dirck, Clark, Saskia, and Michelle were there, but no Johnny, Dave, Ken, Sherry, Mindy, Leslie, David, Janelle, or Denise — even though I had personally talked, I thought, those last two into coming. I guess I’m just as easy for pretty girls to lie to now as I was back then…


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