K&W at Mission Viejo – 31May2008

We set up in the corner again, where the sound is better, if not strictly “good”. Pretty friendly crowd, in general.

I recently discovered a firmware hack for my camera that lets it take video for longer than the ridiculous Canon-imposed 1 minute. With that installed I can fit 84 minutes, at kinda-low frame size and frame rate, on the 2-gig card. I set the camera up over at the side so it’s edge-on and can see both of us, without being so far away. The sound is a little flattened (probably by high- and low-pass filters on the audio in the camera (or a cheap mic)), and the video is necessarily low-quality, but it’s still fun to have. I posted three songs that turned out pretty well, here.

I guess I’ll try to get more video in coming weeks. With familiarity, I should be able to forget that it’s there, and turn in some decent performances — as opposed to my usual completely screwing up the evening just because there’s a camera pointed at me.


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