K&W at Java Joe’s Open Mic — 29April2008

Quite a bit better this time, I think, than the last few. The monitor sound was way better, eventually. The sound guy, Scott, was trying to figure out how to make my mic louder, and to patch it through to the monitor speaker during the first half of the first song. This was screwing me up something awful, but once he settled on something, I could at least hear what was going on.

We played “Copperline” first. I wasn’t sure how it would go over, because, although I play it pretty well, it’s not well known. But this is a crowd of mostly “music people” and I could see that a lot of them knew it, and hopefully appreciated the novelty of an amateur attempting it.

Then we did “Crying”. I like to show off my vocal chops in one of our three-only songs, but it clearly loses something in this “party atmosphere”. I did see some people listening intently, though, so I think we got to some of them.

Last, we did “You Were On My Mind”, at a bit faster clip than usual. This went over very well, I thought — suits the room on a Tuesday night. I looked up to see Patrick and Jean, some new friends, dancing away, and apparently singing along, all the way at the back of the room. That was encouraging both because it meant that the song was working, but also let me know that the sound was getting out there. That part’s hard to tell with this setup.

Anyway, I think we impressed some folks. I had made up some “posters” that Chuck will put up around the store, and some little quarter-sheets that people can take home to remind them that we’re there for a full gig on Thursday night. I guess we’ll see if any of them were impressed enough to actually come by.

(The picture is actually snagged from a video that new-friend Mark took last week. But I imagine we looked about the same last night…)


One thought on “K&W at Java Joe’s Open Mic — 29April2008

  1. The sound really was better, partly thanks to Patrick’s earlier efforts to bring up all the levels. The most important thing — your voice — was finally (nearly) loud enough.My guitar was loud enough too, but I couldn’t pull the tone out of what sounded ‘goofy’ to me… which made it harder to play well. Oddly, it sounded much better to me the week before. Luckily for me, that’s when Mark ‘taped’ the proceedings.


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