K&W at Tustin — 28September2007

Much better band-location than last time. The Borders guy actually moved about 10 people and their tables to get us back against the wall of the place, pointing out. Much better.

Unfortunately, my guitar had re-found the rattle that plagued it a few months before, but which had vanished (without me actually finding what it was). It was really bad this time, but I couldn’t find what was causing it right there mid-performance (though I tweaked what I could reach), so we just had to pretend it wasn’t there.

My brother and his wife showed up, which is always nice, but “possible” mystery guest Jeffy didn’t. That’s OK, we had lots of nice people to play for. Surprisingly, they were mostly Studying Kids, but these were more open to the idea of looking up occasionally and taking part a little bit — requesting songs and clapping and such.

And there’s a quite young Coffee Girl named Liz behind the counter who just *loves* us, for some reason. She was gushingly appreciative last time as we were leaving, and thrilled to see us again this time. She requested a bunch of songs (by highlighting a list), and we did all of them (of course). As we were leaving, I gave her both a “Live” and a “Bears” CD, ‘cuz she’s pretty much our biggest fan.

Also, last time we were there, the GM (they have a “General Manager”?!?) requested “Mrs. Robinson”, which I happened to have been running through a few weeks earlier. So I faked it, forgetting most of the lyrics. This time, I was prepared to actually do it for real, but he was out on vacation. Oh well — next time (only 3 weeks away!).


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