K&W at Brea — 25Aug2007

Brea’s never been a favorite of mine, ‘cuz it’s really far, and the setup is *really* lame, (and, I suppose, my solo near-bomb last month) but this one went really well. The half of my brain that I get to devote to playing the guitar was unusually lucid — things that are usually “the hard part” seemed somehow really easy. That can’t have anything to do with the spider bite on my hand, can it?

Anyway, there were some pretty friendly people out there, and that always helps me “give it up” more on the singing side. And, on top of the guitar clarity, I was singing higher than I’ve ever been able to. There are “high notes” in several of the songs that I mostly hit, but am straining to do so. This time, I just hit ’em — no strain, and no strained tone. That was kind of amazing, though obviously only to me.

After the gig, we drove over to “Brea Downtown”, a recently dandy-fied sort of outdoor mall/street with two movie theaters, ginchy shops and restaurants, and, significantly, a local band playing on the corner for tips. It was pretty late (10:30ish), so the crowds were down from when Daleen and I were there a few weeks ago at 9:30. Warren’s sent in the Application and a CD, so we’ll see if we can get “in” there sometime. They warned us that the next open spot, if we get in, is November 9th, so it won’t be soon. Nor swarming with summer crowds, but it still looks fun, and, at least, different.


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