Pawnee Princess Campout at O’Neill

Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, and we couldn’t find any other less-crowded weekend, we had an Our-Tribe-Only campout for just Friday to Saturday. This one-night campout idea actually worked brilliantly. Since there were only 2 meals involved, we just had pizza on Friday night, and went out to McDonald’s for breakfast on Saturday morning.

It saved us having to get groceries for 20, and drag out all the propane, stoves, supplies, pots, pans, forks, paper towels, etc., etc. And we didn’t have to waste time cooking the food, and cleaning up afterwards. Clean-up from pizza is “Throw your paper plate in the fire”.

It was also easier on the dads, ‘cuz it’s a lot easier to recover from one bad night’s sleep than two, and easier on the girls ‘cuz they had some weekend left over to get their homework done, etc. Not as much playtime, obviously, but, you know, enough.

It also produces a cool effect that Warren and I independently noticed about playing on Friday nights — when you do something cool on Friday night, it makes it seem like a 3-day weekend. You do something fun, and then you have Saturday, and, although it seems like the weekend must be over, there’s still Sunday left — like a bonus!

I guess another thing that made this one-nighter seem a lot easier was that there was no Big Production Saturday Night Campfire (with me setting up the Whole Rig, playing, and tearing it all down again) and no Sunday Morning Assembly (with me setting it all up and playing again). I sure like playing for the kids and all, but it takes a big chunk out of my weekend to have to.


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