K&W at South Coast Plaza again – 07Apr2007

Another darn fun night at SCP. Brazenly anticipating a repeat of the success of last week’s gig, I sent out a “you should come” notice to the mailing list, but only got one taker. But they were probably right — it wasn’t as magic a night as the previous one, though it was pretty close. My voice was dry or something, and although it was behaving pretty well, it just sounded kinda raspy — to me, anyway.

But we had a *really* good crowd, which always makes it fun. We had between 4 and 10 people really listening, all the way through. Good applause, lots of smiles. And, despite Will not being there to do his “You should tip these guys” announcement, we made more in tips than last week. That’s probably due to my little bus stop gramma friend, Virginia, who brought her Asian friend along and must have been the one who put that twenty in there.

There was a friendly college-age couple there who stayed the whole night. The girl was a big Simon and Garfunkel fan, so we ran through all the S&G I’ve got. When she requested “The Boxer”, I suspected and so asked her if she could/would sing the high part. She said yes, but declined to actually get up to do it — I didn’t have a second mic set up anyway. I could barely hear her, but it sounded like she was right on it…

I had fun pulling out all the new stuff, which is getting to be quite a list of its own. “Mother Goose”, “Heart Full of Soul”, “Old Man”, “Jersey Girl”, “I Want You To Want Me”, “Under the Boardwalk”, and “Satisfaction”, which (finally) seemed to be taken in the ironic, I’m-just-kidding-around spirit that I’m doing it in — people were smiling and chuckling at me. It was also the debut of “Here Comes My Baby”, which, in a reversal of my usual experience, seemed kinda lame at home, but went really well at the gig. Felt like a “keeper”.

And, we pulled out “Five O’Clock World” again (kinda rough through the yodels), but it uses a down-tuned bass string, which brings up a whole slew of other new/old songs that use that tuning: “Can’t Find My Way Home”, “Four and Twenty”, and “Sarah Maria”. That was fun, too.


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