Me and Daleen at California Adventure

A peculiar series of events left me taking the day off to take Geneva and her friend Claire to California Adventure, but without Geneva and Claire. That left just me and Daleen, which seemed strange, but was quite nice. Not that we don’t enjoy taking the kids to Disneyland, but it was a lot less frantic this way.

We rode “Soarin’ Over California” twice, went to the Broadway-style “Aladdin” show, took the “Learn to Draw” lesson (Jiminy Cricket), and had a nice lunch at the sourdough place. There’s not a whole lot to do at California Adventure anyway, and if you’re skipping the thrill rides there’s even less, which makes for a nice slow paced day. And they have a new thing where they take your picture and post them on-line so you can spend big bucks buying prints of ’em. Or, you can snag them off the page, if low-res is sufficient — as it is here…

But hey, look! A picture with me in it!


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