K&W at Costa Mesa — 10Feb2007

You’d think, after four years of doing this, that we’d’a seen most every “kind” of night that we were likely to. But, this one was unique, again. There were lots of people there when we got there, so I handed out lots of the song lists. Just as we started, a local Folk Scene lady-friend of Warren’s came by, since she lives only a few blocks away. She started us off right away with a song request or two, and it appears to have opened the floodgates for the rest of the night. I hardly got a chance to choose any songs myself at all — requests were coming at us the whole night. Usually most people are shy about asking for songs, but it “became OK”, and everybody was yelling out songs.

Which was oddly fun, but got kinda cut short. The managers there have apparently gotten the impression that we’re supposed to quit at 10:00. We don’t know why. We understand that they want us to be out of there before closing at 11, but why the very wide margin for error? Unfortunately, the managers run the place, so there’s no appealing for reason.

Anyway, we usually play until 10:40, leaving 20 minutes to pack up, but we got cut short at 10:15. I usually save any New Songs that I’m thinking of trying out until the last half-hour, when there’s fewer people there, but because of the surprise cut-off, I didn’t get to any of them. Oh, well.

But, because of the overall store-scheduling issues (which appear to be ongoing), I’m supposed to play there on Friday again, as a solo. That might be a bit awkward, but I think the manager (or, more likely, the assistant manager) likes my stuff — she’s friendly enough when she’s kicking us out — so maybe it’ll be OK. And, at least, now I know.


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